Written by Gilbert Gatete

RDO participated and contributed in the Community work organized by Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) to fight Fall Army Worm (FAW) in Rwamagana.

RDO participated and contributed in the Community work organized by Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) to fight Fall Army Worm (FAW) in Rwamagana.

WFP as one of our partners participated in the activity

Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) that promotes the establishment of sustainable pro-smallholders agricultural value chains with the aim of increasing smallholder farmer income and fostering commercial viability for private sector actors engaged in the Alliance. The organization is supporting farmers under the Alliance as a Cooperating partner of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).
Fall Army Worm has overwhelmed crops across many countries including Rwanda,
Friday, on 10th November 2017 in Gaseke marchland located in Mwurire sector, Rwamagana District, cooperatives members, neighboring farmers and local authorities with RDO, RWARRI, WFP, FAO and RAB representatives participated in special community work (Umuganda) to fight Fall Army Worm (FAW).

RDO field staff significantly participated in the activity

The event was exceptional because when you compare to the previous organized community works, everywhere the idea was to apply pesticides but this time another approach of hand picking was introduced. The event had the following objectives:
• To increase knowledge of FtMA-team on FAW outbreak;
• To test friendly environmental approach to fight FAW;
• To show our solidarity to cooperatives partners in the battle of fighting FAW
The attendance was good since more than 1 hectare was cleared by 80 participants in 2 hours only. This fact shows that the exercise can be adopted and used by farmers in their respective fields to fight FAW;& nbsp;

During discussion with farmers they said that worms hand pick up’s approach is effective than using chemical because when pesticides are used there are some worms who escape, resist or slipup in the leaves. Via pick up worms by hand you are sure that they are wrecked definitely;
In the field we realized that the contamination incidence was more than 80%, this is alarming situation because in 2 weeks ago they applied pesticides, which weighty the idea to combine every time two approaches.
Suggestions or recommendations:
• After testing the approach and testified the success, it recommendable to combine both hand picking and spraying.
• Looking how RAB representatives were excited by the activity, we need to involve them more as they promised their support where it will be needed. Field officers in their zones can ask support to the RAB representatives when is needed.
Fall-army-worm faced Eastern Province farms since 2016 in some districts such as ; Ngoma , Kayonza, Kirehe,Gatsibo,Nyagatare ,Bugesera and Rwamagana as well.

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