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Akagera TAMP – 2012 results and 2013 plan

Akagera TAMP project is the project addressing the problem of land management and soil erosion problems in different areas. RDO it is working in Nyagatare district.

It has 155 Households living in area that borders  Akagera river and Akagera national park in the South. The northern part is covered with steep hills with no vegetation cover and has valleys in the lower parts of the hilly sides. As the hillsides are bare and steep, there is a big flow of water when it rains, causing soil erosion. The big volume of water and the convergence of valleys downstream, has led to formation of 3 deep and wide gullies that are not only dangerous to human safety but also a threat to land degradation in the catchment area.

The situation is aggravated by the existence of people who graze cows on the hills and take them for water to river akagera causing big cattle trails that also accelerate soil erosion.


– Community awareness for the population on the hazards of deforestation and air pollution

– Carry out rising within the community and mobilize them to participate in handling the problem of soil erosion awareness

– Planting  trees on the hills 25 000 Eucalyptus, 75 000 Caltris and 3000 grevillea robusta

-Digging 1880 contours on the hill side to stop the gravity of running water.

-Intervention of the local leadership to stop the practice of grazing cows on the hillsides as forbidden.

-Organising  a Farmer Field School.

Lessons learnt

-There is need to work closer with the local authorities for easy sensitization of communities and implementation of new activities.

-Community participation is essential in making decisions and choices for programs meant to serve their interests. It is cheaper in terms of cost and sustainability is guaranteed.

– Man’s actions on environment are the most destructive mechanisms for soil degradation and most essential in mitigation and protection of the same resource. Here combined and concerted efforts are important ingredients.

Challenges for 2013

-Refilling deep and wide galleys that become difficult to cross during rainy seasons

-Very steep hills that are bare and require big resources for human labor

-Gatebe is a newly settled area and very much isolated from the rest of the communities. This makes urge for cutting of trees for construction of houses and charcoal because the administration is far and there is no network to facilitate communication to authorities to report the culprits.

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