Food Security with TROCAIRE – Background

18 Jan 2013
Food Security – in partnership with TROCAIRE - Background


Through skills training and crop growing technique demonstrations, we at RDO aim to assist 10 maize and bean farming co-operatives across Nyagatare and Gastibo districts.

The main objectives of the projects are:

  1. To increase maize and beans production in terms of quantity and quality

  2. To increase incomes received by the farmers from maize and bean crops


The objectives are being achieved in a number of ways, including

- Regular demonstration plots across both districts, exhibiting the impact of different techiniques, seed management and

- Technical support from RDO’s Agronomists in the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers, seeds, erosion control and agro-forestry.

- Improving storage facilities and the construction of drying yards to maintain crop quality after harvest.


The impacts have been positive – with many farms improving their crop yields over previous years. The additional income is allowing formers and their families to build up savings to help personal financial management throughout the year, a significant step in lifting themselves from poverty