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The Farm to Market Alliance (FAMA) is the new name for Patient Procurement Platform (PPP) which progresses in accordance with the objectives that were set. This means working on several activities to get to know exactly the objectives and the salient activities planned between the RDO, WFP, AGRA, the different cooperatives who are the main stakeholders in the PPP Project.

  1. Overview of the January report

The activities done during this period are a continuation of those implemented during the last month. These include training mainly focusing on the Post-Harvest handling and storage (PHHS) and most cooperatives aimed at increasing the quality standards of the maize grains to be delivered. The standard operating procedures of aggregation were emphasized through visual aids to help farmers grasp better the PHHS skills. The tarpaulins distribution commenced for those cooperative that had hitherto paid the cost-share of the tarpaulins supported by WFP. There was also contracting of new cooperatives that expressed desire to join the project and needed to be linked to potential buyers.

Harvesting of maize commenced in areas of Nyagatare and Gatsibo and is still on-going. A new activity that commenced during this period was the introduction of small scale irrigation which commenced in some districts in the south in a bid to mitigate harsh climatic conditions that had set in.

The activities that were done include the following:

  • Cooperatives mobilization for irrigation
  • PHHS training for ToTs and ToTs training their fellow farmers
  • Mobilizing cooperatives to contribute to tarpaulins costs
  • Link cooperatives to other partners (PASP, PSDAG, etc)
  • Update on COAMANYA-PRODEV deal
  • Pre-delivery meetings with cooperatives and stakeholders
  • Signing of pre-harvest contract between off-takers and cooperatives and Contract revision for existing cooperatives


  1. Cooperatives mobilization for irrigation and drought impact data collection

Due to the effects of drought that were observed in the areas of intervention especially during the months of December and January, farmers were mobilized on irrigation system as initiative to fight drought effects pertaining at the time and in future. The Maize crop was at different stages of growth and with different levels of draught effects.  RDO Field staffs in southern province together with district officials from Muhanga mobilized cooperatives and individual farmers having access to water points close to their plots to start irrigating their maize plots using all available means at their disposal. This included irrigation with power pumps, peddle pumps and other local equipment for splashing water to the crop. This campaign was officially launched on 18th January, by the Mayor and Director of Agriculture along with the RDO staffs.  RDO was applauded for its efforts in the district. And its support in mobilizing farmers for this noble cause. This small scale irrigation was only conducted in the following cooperatives of TUZAMURANE CYEZA, KOPARWAMU, KOKAR, and KIABR of MUHANGA District. However TUZAMURANE CYEZA and KOPARWAMU bought their own durable irrigation machines that can be used in subsequent seasons. Others in RUHANGO and MUHANGA used traditional means that didn’t show much impact.

MPANGA MAIZE, UBUSHAKEBWIZA, URUMURI RWABAHINZI all given two (02) and IGIREMUHINZI (04) all received irrigation machines which they will pay in installments but to the tune of the 50% for the total cost. However, although the impact didn’t reach all farmers but it is a positive development of shifting to irrigation from rain fed agriculture.

In the Eastern Province, COVAMIS Cooperative used irrigation and it benefited all farmers to mitigate the impact of drought. Other cooperatives in the East are still dependent on rain fed agriculture.

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  1. I personally appreciate the work that RDO is doing out there to help farmers to promote their agricultural activities and their livelihood as well.

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