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PPP November, REPORT 2016


The Patient Procurement Platform (PPP) progresses in accordance with the objectives that were set. This meant working on several activities to get to know exactly the objectives and the salient activities planned between the RDO, WFP, AGRA, the different cooperatives who are the main stakeholders in the PPP Project. The activities that were done include the following

Mobilization and sensitization meetings in both East and South

In November 2016, the farmers were mobilized on role of good agricultural best practices, use of fertilizers for increasing productivity, pest and disease control. Thus 23 cooperatives which include eleven cooperatives of Nyagatare District, eight cooperatives of Gatsibo District and four cooperatives of Kirehe District were mobilized and sensitized during the meeting organized at cooperatives levels and in different sites of the cooperatives. Those meeting were facilitated by lead farmers who disseminated skills to their fellows on top dressing and pest control. Below is a picture of farmers after top dressing of cooperative’s fields in CODPCUM.


ppp November
In southern Province, mobilizing farmers and encourage them to apply Good Agronomic Practices (GAP)
Reminding the cooperative leaders of the contracts signed with RGCC and all activities to be done so that they can comply with contract terms and conditions
Mobilize the cooperative to build the system of finding solutions for their problems
Top dressing training progress in both East and South
This focused on training of farmers by lead farmers on top dressing and monitoring the progress of top dressing activities in farmers’ fields. During the monitoring visits, the field officers mobilized the farmers on timely top dressing the maize as well as pest and disease control. Currently, the top dressing activities in farmers’ field is already done in Nyagatare District but it is still going on in Gatsibo and Kirehe Districts. Below is a sampled picture of farmer’s fields weeding/ Top dressing in KAKI Cooperative located in Kirehe District.image005

Due to the infestation of maize corn borer which appeared abundantly in November, the farmers were advised to buy pesticides and spray their maize in order to avoid losses which could result due to the pest. Below is a picture shows the farmer who sprays its maize for fighting against maize corn borer.

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