Written by Steven Nsamaza

RCCDN holds annual General Assembly

To streamline operations and further increase stakeholder’s engagement in climate change adaptation and mitigation on Monday, 30 December 2019, the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network (RCCDN) held a General Assembly.

Top on the agenda was the adoption of different documents and working manuals of the network and to make plans for the New Year 2020.

Eugene Rwibasira the Chairman of RCCDN and Executive Secretary of Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO) emphasized the network’s role to coordinate and support civil society organisations who arethe members of the network.

He underlined that the coming year was a critical moment for RCCDN as it becomes more autonomous following years it was operating as a project under RDO and was also housed by the same organisation.

“RCCDN has come of age and we have to support our network at this critical time,” Rwibasira said.

Faustin Vuningoma, the Coordinator of RCCDN noted that they were ready to be let go, the network has grown and was ready to stand firm as an effective and fully functional network.

He emphasized their mission to be a lead network in Rwanda that advocates and build capacities for community resilience to climate change, justice and equitable development. The vision is to build communities capable of coping with national and global climate change challenges for sustainable development.

The Coordinator presented the network’s operation documents and working manuals to the general assembly that the secretariat has been preparing to guide the network.

The general assembly welcomed the documents and showed optimism for the future of the network.

Rwibasira called upon members and the network’s coordination office to start the year with enthusiasms, vigour and momentum to achieve more in the coming year.


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