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RDO is facilitating forward delivery contracts between FOs and Off-takers through FtMA.

The Farm to Market Alliance – FtMA is an initiative of World Food Programme – WFP. It is a public-private sector led consortium of organizations aiming to transform food value chains in highly demand  markets by building an oriented value-chain based on  long-term relations  between suppliers (farmers), buyers and other key stakeholders such as suppliers of finance, agri-inputs and technical expertise. The FtMA goal is to promote sustainable, commercially viable pro-smallholder agricultural value chain in which smallholders are actively engaged, increase their productivity, profitability, resilience to the climate change and their strength as reliable market players. Off-takers enter into stable buying relationships with smallholder farmers typically through pre-planting and pre-harvest contracts.

RDO usually facilitate the contracting meetings between farmer cooperatives and off-takers, where the off-takers read through their contracts so that the cooperative representatives may ask questions and provide their insights, then later alone the farmers will chose the buyer they do business with and sign a contract.

FOs from Kamonyi and Bugesera at WFP Headquarters, December 2018 (Photo by Gilbert)

FOs from Burera at Burera District, December 2018 (Photo by Gilbert)

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