Written by Steven Nsamaza

RDO opens 2020 annual retreat in Rwamagana

Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO) is holding a two-day annual retreat bringing together all staff working at the head office and other field offices across the country. The retreat which opened this Thursday at Dereva hotel in Rwanda will also include board members of RDO and experts in different disciplines for further discussions as well as beneficiaries to share experiences.

The Executive Secretary of RDO, Eugene Rwibasira officially opening the annual retreat said that 2020 is a special year for the organisation. RDO having been established in 1995 will be celebrating silver anniversary in November this year.

The Executive Secretary of RDO, Eugene Rwibasira officially opening the annual retreat

Mr. Rwibasira observed that the organisation will be celebrating 25 years having had a good year where it performed well as compared to preceding financial years. He applauded all those that participated in reaching these achievements.

However, he cautioned that the good performance of RDO should be reflected on how lives of beneficiary communities have been improved.

“Our success shouldn’t be only observed in how big is the budget but the impact made on ground and how to better the lives of beneficiaries,” Mr. Rwibasira said encouraging all staff to work hard with the aim of mitigating the challenges communities face.

Mr. Egide Rugamba, board member of RDO underlined that the retreat comes at the right time and requires inputs for everyone on how best to implement the strategies of the organisation. He said that we are living in changings times which require to think quick and abandon doing business as usual.

He called for everyone participating in the retreat to actively participate in the discussions offer their skills and experiences to improve, do better than usual.

The first day of the retreat heard that the planning strategies should not look at RDO alone but in the face of global and wider Civil Society organisations.

The annual retreat helps Rwanda Development Organisation to have time to reflect and strategize collectively for the future. RDO will take time during the retreat to start discussions on planning to draft a new strategy as the organisation’s three-year strategic plan expires.


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