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RDO organized the first Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network General assembly, that brought together fifty-five participants.


Elected Board and Audit Committee Members, Chairperson of the Board in the exact middle.

1. Introduction

Rwanda Development Organization (RDO) organized the first Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network General assembly, that brought together fifty-five participants. The meeting was meant to agree on the network’s constitution and adopt it. It was also meant to contribute to the development of the network’s strategic plan 2018-2022.

In his Opening remarks the Executive Secretary of RDO, Mr. Rwibasira Eugene, reminded the participants on how the idea of establishing the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network came about. He thanked TROCAIRE for the support given through RDO as the host organization to establish and strengthen the network. He introduced the Assistant Coordinator, of the network Donatha Nibagwire who was recruited to support the network Coordinator. He wished all participants fruitful deliberations as they discuss on the constitution and the strategic plan, and the elections of the Board of Directors, Audit and Conflict Resolution Committees.

2. Workshop Objectives

I. To put in place a legal binding document (constitution) that shall guide the operations, leadership and management of the RCCDN
II. To consult Founder Members to input into the network’s strategic plan 2018-2022
III. To agree on leadership structures of the network and elect office bearers

3. Meeting proceedings

After opening remarks made by the RDO Executive Secretary, the Coordinator made a presentation of the constitution. The draft constitution had been distributed three weeks in advance and members had enough time to go through it. After the presentation, participants started discussing and agreeing article by article. All articles were agreed on and the constitution adopted. The network’s logo was also adopted after analyzing the three samples that were presented.

Participants expressed their insights and thoughts

After adoption of the constitution, the next item on the programme was to elect office bearers. This agenda item was shifted and made the last programme item to be carried out after making contributions to the strategic plan.
The consultant working on the development of the strategic plan made a presentation before participants broke out into three working groups to generate viable input into the network’s strategy. The groups later made presentations before the plenary and discussions went on to ensure effective contributions. All the contributions were submitted to the consultant who was tasked to integrate them into the strategic plan. The consultant was advised to do further consultations with other stakeholders including government institutions and development partners.
Participants in the General Assembly agreed that the Consultant Gasafari Mpabuka Willy be the returning officer. Two among the participants who were not eligible to vote were also requested to support the returning officer. Voting was conducted by secret ballot as per the adopted constitution. Nominated candidates were given time to confirm their nomination and willingness to serve.

4. Workshop outcomes

a) 48 Founder Member Organizations present at the General Assembly Meeting adopted the Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network constitution. Serious discussions focused on the name of the network, its vision, mission, objectives and core business among other things.
b) Members present at the GA made incredible contributions to the network strategy 2018-2022.
c) All office bearers were elected in an open, transparent, free and fair elections

Workshop evaluation

The GA meeting participants expressed satisfaction with the arrangements of the meeting. They appreciated the role played by RDO as the initiator and TROCAIRE as the funding partner. They were happy that the meeting set objectives and outcomes were all met and drew recommendations that should be worked on.


The following recommendations were made:
i. That the legal registration process of RCCDN commence with immediate effect.
ii. That the consultation process with other stakeholders in the SP development continue
iii. That the Strategic Plan be subjected to review by the Steering Committee members and two additional members appointed.

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