Project Goal

To contribute to transparent governance, accountability of public authorities and inclusiveness of public policy and budgeting processes.

Project specific objectives

To promote the effective participation of citizens, especially women and youth, and civil society organisations in the development; implementation and monitoring of agriculture policy and budget in five districts in order to ensure that they respond to the priorities of vulnerable people and contribute to a sustainable and inclusive development in Rwanda.

Project description

The project “Enhancing participatory governance and accountability of local leaders and public institutions towards citizens participation, particularly women and youth’’ in Rwanda is part of USAID’s focus area of Strengthening Participation & Accountability through strengthening the role of civil society in development, and empower citizens to exercise their rights and fulfil their responsibilities.
EPGA project will improve the capacity of local public authorities in the five target districts to better engage with citizens and civil society so that they are better placed to act on the priorities of citizens and civil society. This will be achieved by training of 819 local authority officials and community leaders on participatory planning and budgeting.

The EPGA project will also organize inclusive engagement between the target citizens especially women and youths, civil society organizations and the public authorities at local and national levels, lobbying and advocacy activities around agricultural issues that affect most the citizens in order to ensure that the processes of policy and budget formulation and implementation are more inclusive, transparent and accountable as provided inthe national decentralization policy adopted since 2000.