The Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) is the new name for Patient Procurement Platform (PPP) which progresses in accordance with the objectives that were set. This means working on several activities to get to know exactly the objectives and the salient activities planned between the RDO, WFP, AGRA, the different cooperatives who are the main stakeholders in the PPP Project.

The project aims at supporting smallholder farmers to increase on-farm productivity and market access for their produce so as to improve on their livelihoods. The project has mobilized off-takers willing to offer forward delivery contracts to farmers and cooperatives and also mobilized input dealers willing to provide high quality seeds and fertilizers to farmers. The project supports 24,000 farmers grouped in to 80 cooperatives.



  • Off-takers signed forward delivery contract with 80 cooperatives .Off-takers includes RGCC, PRODEVU/MINIMEX and SARURA
  • 20,000 farmers were trained in good agronomical Best practices (GAP) which include planting, Top dressing and Post-harvest handling .This was achieved through training of Lead farmers who trained other farmers .