Project title: Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network


Climate change is a critical challenge and continues to create uncertainty. It has been associated with unpredictable rainfalls, late onset of the wet season, shortened period of rainy season, prolonged dry season, death of some animal and natural plant species, natural disasters, and scarcity of water and food insecurity among others. The Government of Rwanda has recognised climate change as an important concern for the country and is trying to help its population in various ways, through promoting adaptation and mitigation actions. Rwanda’s current policy approach to climate change, vulnerability and adaptation are contained within several driving policy documents that have been embraced by the government and are driving many initiatives.

Following the increase in frequency of climate change related extreme events, there is a need to increase stakeholder’s engagement in climate change adaptation and mitigation through different actions and programmes to be implemented by both the Government, civil society organizations and private sector. Among those actions include community based adaptation programmes, advocacy and awareness work by different stakeholders including Government, Civil society organisations, private sector and citizens. In order to gain synergy from these efforts, the Rwanda Climate Change Network (RCCN) has been identified as a solution to ensure the coordination of the CSOs toward efficient engagement. The network will group together civil society organisations working in different sectors having a direct link with the climate change and related disaster risk management from the community level up to the national level.

With support from TROCAIRE, Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO) has taken the administrative and coordination role to ensure that RCCN is established, registered and functional. RDO is hosting the secretariat of RCCN up to a time when it will be in position to stand alone as an effective and fully functional network with the minimum requirements and systems in place.

Project Goal: Policy framework and stakeholders’ engagement reflects and serves the interests of communities toward climate resilience.

Project Specific Objectives:

 To engage with climate change related policies and campaigns nationally and internationally.
 To build the capacity and skills of stakeholders and communities in climate change engagement and monitoring.
 To network with other stakeholders nationally and internationally for collective engagement and lessons sharing.

Location of project: National engagement.

Project start & end dates: 1st June 2017 to 28thFebruary 2021

Contact Person: Vuningoma Faustin, RCCN Coordinator
• Telephone: +250787444915
• Email:

Office Location: Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO, Host Organisation)
• Email:
• Physical address: Kicukiro, BRALIRWA Road, KK 500