RDO and partners discuss food security

4 Jul 2019
On Wednesday, July 3rd 2019, the Executive Secretary of Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO), Eugene Rwibasira and Venuste Muhamyankaka, Programs Manager of SUN Alliance were hosted to a live talk show on Royal FM.

The talk show discussed food and nutrition security where the guests focused on food and nutrition budget, food fortification, production systems, coordination of food and nutrition interventions.

Rwibasira observed that for Rwanda to develop and achieve its development aspirations, citizens have to be healthy, living well to be able to innovate and work hard like other developed nations. This will only be achieved if the country is food secure.

RDO has joined efforts with other NGO’s operating in the country to fight malnutrition through different programs and curb the alarming stunting levels that currently stands at over 38%.

You can listen to the full discussion on audio...